Leigh's Brownfield Sites Nature Video Slideshow

There have been many references to “brownfield” sites in Leigh, sometimes with bewildering regularity. Rather than singing the praises of these places by the written word, this audio-visual presentation (with the majority of photographs from Bickershaw and North Leigh) will surely give a more accurate picture of what we already have and, tragically, what we might well lose if there's no resistance to plans to develop our green spaces.

Video slideshow produced by Dave Wilson and David Shallcross (2014).


Unknown said...

Dave and David - what amazing photography. You have captured more wildlife in the brownfield sites on the edge of busy industrial areas than we have seen in the countryside in Wales! It made me quite nostalgic for Pennington Flash and those lovely evenings long ago when we enjoyed slide shows at Leigh Ornithological Society meetings. A work of art that we will certainly share with our family and friends. Thank you for caring so much and for taking the time. Joan McCarthy

Anonymous said...

Top drawer images, in the worthy tradition of the LOS. Put together with love and feeling for the subject. Excellence in the modern media from two of the best old stagers. Will spread the gospel. Denis Mc.

ju said...

A wonderful way to spend 15 minutes! Well done for producing such an impressive slideshow from your stunning photographs.
Sadly a burgeoning population means all habitat is potentially under threat from development, locally, nationally and globally, tread lightly my friends...let's hope we can preserve what we have.

David Shallcross said...

gratifying comments for you all, dear friends. thanks from David & Dave

Unknown said...

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