Officers and Committee

L.O.S. Officers:

L.O.S. Committee:
The above officers plus:
  • Eric Munro
  • Les Evans
  • George Pike (L.O.S. Young Birders' Club spokesperson)
  • Charlie Owen
  • Paul Richardson
  • Anne Johnson

Annual Report: Compiled by Eddie King, edited by Joan Disley
Fieldtrip Reports: Jeff Hurst

L.O.S. Young Birders' Club and Youth Development Team:
Martyn Jones, George Pike, Tony Bishop, Brian Fawcett

Representing the Society on outside bodies:

Bickershaw Conservation Group:
Dave Wilson

Wigan Heritage and Environment Group:
Tony Bishop, David Shallcross

Greenheart Forum:
David Shallcross

Greenheart Board:
David Shallcross

Pennington Flash User Group:
Joan Disley


Anonymous said...

I do not know if this will interest you, but I live on vicarage road opposite St Johns church, Irlam, and yesterday morning two small birds, about the size of sparrows,were on the side of my house, literally hanging on the vertical brickwork, the top of their heads were bright red, I could not make out any other markings before they flew off into one of the large trees in the church yard.

Martyn Jones said...

Many thanks for your comment and I'm sorry it's taken so long to reply. We don't usually get comments of this nature in this section of the website, so yours has gone unnoticed until now. The birds you describe sound like Redpolls which are not particularly common, but we do usually see a few each year. Thanks again for your report.

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