Two Greenheart Awards for the L.O.S. Young Birders' Cub Team

The L.O.S. Young Birders' Club Team won two awards at the Wigan Greenheart 'Big Thank You 2014' event held at St. Peter's Pavilion in Hindley on Friday 27 June. Various presentations were given by a number of local volunteer groups and other organisations such as Natural England and the GM Ecology Unit.

Martyn Jones, Tony Bishop, George Pike and Brian Fawcett were presented with the 'Overall Winners' award for the work they and the extended team which includes Joan Disley, Jeff Hurst, Roy Rhodes and Dave Wilson have been doing with young people in the Wigan and Leigh area over the last 18 months - his came as quite a surprise to us.

George Pike, Martyn Jones and Tony Bishop receiving their Greenheart awards for the LOSYBC
Unfortunately Brian couldn't be present at the award presentation as he is on his annual summer migration in France, but he was emailed the details and photos from the ceremony.

Martyn Jones also received a Wigan Greenheart 'Community Champion' Award following a nomination by the other members of the LOSYBC for the work he has done in helping organise 27 events involving around 900 young people in local primary schools, Cubs, Beavers and Boys' Brigade packs. Here's a short video slideshow showing some of the things we have done.

These Greenheart awards reward the hard work that has been done by all the LOSYBC team members and give us the inspiration to continue our work with more young people in the future.  To read about the sort of work we've been doing with LOSYBC visit our website:



Unknown said...

Well done CONGRATULATIONS! Recognition for hard work, effort and dedication, turning up no matter what the weather, turning out no matter how well or otherwise those involved feel, is always appreciated by those involved no matter how they deny and say they are not doing it for 'gongs'!!! Appreciation and awards just set the seal on folks dedication and should be applauded - so HEAR HEAR - a round of applause from Ian and myself. Pauline and Ian Greenhalgh

Anonymous said...

In an age when awards are scattered about like confetti, and often undeservedly so, it makes a pleasant change to be present (as I was last Friday) when the sterling efforts of the four stalwarts are fittingly recognized. What a refreshing change it is to hear of a success story which brings great credit to its enthusiastic organizers in particular and the Society at large. Hopefully, the encouragement given to today's youngsters might lead to some (even if only a handful) taking a serious interest in ornithology and, perhaps more importantly, a commitment to conserving our local wildlife habitats and their occupants. I'm certain that we are now on the verge of more exciting times ahead, and the four promoters of this worthwhile initiative deserve our support and praise.

Dave Wilson.

David Shallcross said...

I was absolutely delighted to be present at the awards to see the team receive worthy recognition for their work. Well done to all of you.

LeighOS Webmaster said...

Thank-you everyone for your very kind comments.

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