L.O.S. Annual Sponsored Bird Watch

Our annual Sponsored Birdwatch will be held on Sunday 11 May this year and the customary meal afterwards will be held at the Raven Inn in Glazebury.  Please see your email from organiser Martin Ansell for details of the day and menus and let him know your numbers for the meal and choice as soon as possible, but by Saturday 3 May at the latest.

The five teams to date are:

Eric Munroe, Alan Wilcox, Martin Ansell, Keith Burgess

Dave Jones, Phil Tosh, Joe Doherty

Eddie King, George and Angela Pike, Michael Arundel

David Shallcross, Anne Other

Joan and Jim Disley, Martyn Jones, Jeff Hurst

  1. Use the Leigh OS recording area as defined on our website
  2. Species must be live and in their natural habitat, flying or on the ground (nothing caged) and on the British list
  3. Sightings should be by the team, not an uncorroborated individual sighting.  Please put where you saw a species on the Alphabetical Bird List so it can contribute to reports and make sure a copy gets to Eddie King, as Recorder, for verification on the day. Eddie has the last word on accepting sightings
It's not too late to enter a team, all you need is at least three people and a team name.  Then let Martin know and he'll send you a sponsorship form and bird checklist.

LOS Blacktoft Sands RSPB Fieldtrip Date Changed

Please note that the date of the LOS fieldtrip to Blacktoft Sands RSPB near Goole has been changed to Sunday 18th May.  Everyone is welcome to come especially prospective new members.

Photo of the Week - Cetti's Warbler at Pennington Flash

Adult Male Cetti's Warbler at Pennington Flash - 11 April 2014  (c) John Tymon
L.O.S. member John Tymon, a well known local birder and photographer, has sent us this very rare photograph of a Cetti's Warbler taken recently in our recording area.  Although these secretive and elusive little brown birds have been well known at the Wigan Flashes for some time, this is the first recorded Cetti’s Warbler ever at Pennington Flash where it has been skulking around singing loudly with it's distinctive song for about six months. You can listen to it's song here: Cetti's Warbler on Xeno Canto.

Almost impossible to see, even when they are singing just a few feet away in a bush, it's an accomplishment to even get a tiny glimpse of this bird nevermind photograph it. Many have tried and failed, but after six months of trying John has finally got the shot everyone wanted to see - naturally he is very pleased with the outcome.

As far as we know, this is the first time this bird has been photographed at Pennington Flash and only the second ever shot of one in Greater Manchester, as it's still a real rarity in this county.  So well done to John and thanks for sharing this excellent photograph with us.

Peaceful protest against Hen Harrier persecution

There will be a peaceful protest against Hen Harrier persecution somewhere in the north of England on or around (probably before) the ‘Glorious’ 12th August this year.

Let me know if you would be interested in taking part and wish to be kept informed by emailing mark@markavery.info

The number of people expressing an interest is now well into three figures and emails keep coming in.

It’s time for those who are disgusted by the scale of illegal persecution of this bird to raise their voices. Remember there should be around 300 pairs of Hen Harrier in the north of England and last year there were two. That is something to be angry about – or ashamed – depending on who you are.

Hen Harriers are reported to be holding territory on National trust land in Derbyshire in a general area where they have attempted nesting before. We urge the National Trust to do everything it can to protect these birds from persecution.

Original posting on Mark's blog : Peaceful protest against Hen Harrier persecution