Pauline and Ian Greenhalgh - A Shot at Wild Life Images 2011

Kingfisher at Pennington Flash
Well, I've just got back from an L.O.S. Friday night indoor presentation by Pauline and Ian Greenhalgh entitled 'A Shot a Wildlife Images 2011' and I feel like giving up bird photography now!  Pauline has been a photographer for over 40 years and all that experience certainly shows in the quality and diversity of her and husband Ian's photographs.

From highly detailed close-up bird and animal shots, through multi-coloured fungi to breathtaking landscapes, Pauline's and Ian's photos were a simply stunning collection of wildlife images that would grace the pages of any book or magazine.

Short-eared Owl
Pauline had been coaxed out of 'presentation retirement' and was a little nervous before the start of the show - she needn't have been, as her photos did the talking for her.  The audience could be heard to sigh with delight as each superb photograph appeared on screen season by season.

As well as iconic birds such as KingfishersShort-eared Owls, Red Kites and Capercaille, we saw animals such as Pine Martens and Badgers, lots of fungi and wild flowers and many beautiful landscapes from the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District and Scotland.

At the end of the presentation Charlie Owen, another local well-respected birder and photographer and lifelong friend, did the honours of thanking Pauline and Ian and capped it all by saying that he was now going to sell his camera!  You can view Pauline and Ian's photos online here: Pauline and Ian's Wildlife Images.

This truly splendid evening was enjoyed by everyone who attended and we're now all looking forward to the 2012 version next year! 
Martyn Jones