New Season of L.O.S. Presentation Talks 2015-16

The new season of  L.O.S. indoor presentation talks kicks off at Leigh Library on Friday 4 September with this talk by Dennis Atherton.

I go to Southern Spain every year to watch what I call a fantastic migration-fest, where you can look for Spanish specialities early morning and then go to Tarifa just before midday and watch Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Buzzard species migrate to Africa.
Details of the full year's programme can be found here:

Everyone is welcome, particularly members of our Facebook group:

Family Fun Day at Amberswood

The L.O.S. will have a stall at the Amberswood Family Fun day on Saturday 11 July from 11am until 4pm.  We'll have some bird-related activities for youngsters and we'll be asking people if they'd be interested in attending an L.O.S. beginners evening session on identifying birds to be held sometime in the future. Please come and sign up if you're at all interested.

The details are all shown on the poster below and it would be great if you'd come and join us and the Friends of Amberswood.


A couple of photos of the L.O.S. stall at Amberswood yesterday:

Jeff and Martyn manning the stall.
Our new collapsible table!

Woolston Eyes closure

In case you are planning an early morning or evening visit to the reserve, please see the following message which has been posted on the Woolston Eyes Conservation Group website:

"During the past week there have been several serious thefts of equipment and damage on No.3 bed. The police are investigating in a bid to identify the culprits. As a consequence WECG has decided to close No.3 bed from 20.00hrs to 08.00 hrs each night for the immediate future. This is being done with a second padlock which your standard key will not fit. We are urgently investigating ways to make both access to No.3 bed, our equipment and facilities more secure and would welcome any expert assistance in this field from experienced permit holders.

The Committee is sorry for any inconvenience that the restricted opening may cause but we are sure you will understand the reasons for it."

L.O.S. at Lilford Park Centenary Celebration Event

On Saturday 6 June Leigh Ornithological Society will be taking part in the Centenary Celebrations at Lilford Park in Leigh.  Lilford Park is an important green-space resource for the community in terms of wildlife and recreation and a lot of work has been done by the Friends of Lilford Park (FOLP) in recent years. There will be many stalls and attractions there as well as a small fair.

The L.O.S. will have a stall there all day manned by L.O.S. Committee members and from which we will giving out information about the Society and the work we do, as well as taking guided tours around Lilford Woods to see if we can find any birds there.

Our Young Birders' Team will be there with something for the younger visitors too including making a 'Bird ID Dial' and several quizzes. We'll also have a couple of Botany specialists with us for finding about about trees and wild flowers in the Woods.

We do hope you will come along from 9am onwards and have a chat with us and perhaps put a few faces to names that you have seen on our website and Facebook pages.  See you there!

For more information visit the Friends of Lilford Park websites here:


A couple of photos from the Lilford Park Centenary Celebrations:

Our new L.O.S. gazebo!
L.O.S. display boards inside the gazebo
George, Tony, Martyn and Jeff, just some of the L.O.S. volunteers ( unfortunately Joan and David were on a later shift!)

L.O.S. Young Birders' Club Visit to St. George's Primary School

The L.O.S. Young Birders' Club team had an absolutely fabulous morning today at St. George's Primary School in Tyldesley. The Year 3 class we visited were really keen and interested in our presentation and their behaviour was impeccable - all credit must go to the school and class teacher.

We told the pupils about different types of birds and how they are suited to the habitats in which they live. We also showed them how to make a bird ID dial and the pupils used it to do two quizzes about garden and woodland birds. The pupils were entralled by the videos we showed of a Barn Owl and Kestrel hunting in different ways and the mating dance of the Great Crested Grebes. What a great school, we can't wait to go back.