Male Long-tailed Duck at Pennington Flash

As you can see from our website header, Leigh Ornithological Society's logo has a male Long-tailed Duck in flight on it, and so it's nice to actually see one in our recording area for once. This one has been showing well at Pennington Flash for a few days now and, even though it's not in breeding plumage with a long tail, it's still rather special.

I am reliably informed that the reason that the Long-tailed Duck was chosen as the Society's emblem was because it would reproduce quite well on photocopied newsletters when, back in the day, everything was still done in black and white.

Well, judging by these colours, this bird will still look good on those old faded sepia-toned newsletters from the 1970's!

The Jack Critchley Book Collection Sale

Members and other readers are informed that Jack Critchley, a Society stalwart for many years, has decided (for personal reasons) to dispose of his collection of bird books. He and Doris have asked me to arrange to sell several books in the collection by means of advertising the sale through the pages of this site, the Society's November newsletter and the Manchester Birding Forum.

Once interested buyers have seen the attached list of about half the collection, I will receive bids by telephone on 01942 605627 between 7.00 and 9.00 p.m. on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th November. To ensure that everybody has an equal opportunity to express an interest in purchasing books, there will be no preferential arrangement for anybody to make bids before those days, but potential buyers may examine the full collection at my house and at my convenience. All the proceeds from the sale will go to the Society.

Individual books will be sold to the highest bidder, but the prize item - all nine volumes of 'Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa : The Birds of the Western Palearctic' in excellent condition - will not be sold piecemeal.

Other selected titles from Jack's collection are:-

Local and Regional:
Dean, T - 'The Natural History of Walney Island' (1990)
Hardy, E - 'Birdwatching in Lancashire' (1979). Loose pages!
Holland, P. et al - 'Breeding Birds in Greater Manchester' (1984)
Mellor, P (LOS member) - 'North West Nature' (1987)
Wilson, J.D. (LOS member) - 'Birds and Birdwatching at Pennington Flash' (1985).

Other British:
C.G.Booth - 'Birds in Islay' (1975)
C.G.Booth - 'Birds in Jura' (1976) Only 7 pages of text!
R.E.Elliott - 'Birds of Islay' (1989)
R.J.Fuller - 'Bird Habitats in Britain' (1982)
J.Gooders - 'Where to Watch Birds' (1974)
C.Hutchinson - 'Watching Birds in Ireland' (1986)
R.Lovegrove - 'RSPB Guide to Birdwatching in Snowdonia' (1987)
A.J.Prater - 'Estuary Birds of Britain and Ireland' (1981)
N.Redman and S.Harrap - 'Birdwatching in Britain - A Site by Site Guide' (1987)
D.Saunders - 'A Guide to the Birds of Wales' (1974)
D.Saunders - 'Where to Watch Birds in Wales' (1987).

T.A.Coward - 'Bird and Other Nature Problems' (1931)
J.H.Elgood - 'Birds of the West African Town and Garden' (1982)
N.Elkins - 'Weather and Bird Behaviour (1983)
R.Engvik - 'The Birds of Runde and Norway's Western Seaboard' (1986)
J.Fisher - 'Bird Recognition' - Vol 1 (1947); Vol 2 (1951); Vol 3 (1955)
P.J.Grant - 'Gulls: A Guide to Identification' (1982)
J.T.R.Sharrock - 'The Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland' (1976)

Unsold books, and twenty other unlisted ones, will be available for viewing at the L.O.S. Open Day at Leigh Library on 28th January 2017.

Happy perusing, thinking and spending !!!

Pennington Flash Volunteer Group Work

The Pennington Flash Volunteer Group removing birch saplings from the butterfly area on Bickershaw Ruck near the lagoon.

We took down a few hundred today, another go at it in about two weeks and that will be sorted.
Many thanks to all the troops.

Friday 7th October - L.O.S. AGM followed by presentation on Hen Harriers

On Friday 7th October the L.O.S. will hold its Annual General Meeting at the usual time of 7:30pm in the Derby Room at Leigh Library. Nominations for members wishing to be elected to the L.O.S. Committee, should be received by the Chairman prior to the meeting.

This will be followed by a presentation given by James Bray from the RSPB entitled 'Hope for the Hen Harriers'. James will be giving us an insight into the work being carried out by the RSPB to try and remedy the critical situation regarding the Hen Harrier.

Please come and join us for what should be a very interesting evening and bring your friends and family.

If anybody is interested in getting involved with the LOS please let us know.

Frodsham Marsh Fieldtrip - Sunday 11 September 2016

This is our first fieldtrip of the new season. We are meeting at Doctors Nook car park (WN7 1EQ) at 08:00 hours for a departure no later than 08:15. We'll be parking on the road bridge over M56, off Marsh Lane Frodsham (WA6 7BJ). The road seems to change its name to Brook Furlong just before the bridge. If you are going straight to Frodsham, please be there for 09:00 hours.

We will be met by "Mr Frodsham Marsh" himself, Mr Bill Morton whom has been frequenting the marsh since he was a young lad. At 09:15 we will be setting off onto the marsh and we'll be there until 15:00-15:30 depending on what's on and around the area.

There is a Facebook group called 'The Birds Of Frodsham Marsh' and they also have an excellent website called 'The Frodsham Bird Blog' for details of habitat and what we're likely to see. This will keep you up to date with happenings during the week.

I would suggest good footwear, suncream, insect repellent and also to be prepared for whatever the elements throw at us, although at the minute the forecast is 18C and fair.

Bill comes at a cost, so there will be a nominal charge on this trip. I will try to remember to post on here later in the week, as its down to numbers - hope you understand.

Any questions please dont hesitate to ask on here or call me on 07930948392.

See you Sunday
Steve Scrimgeour