We meet in the Derby Room at Leigh Library. There is ample free car parking in the car park next to the Library (but please note that you do park at your own risk). A map will be available on this website shortly.

Meetings are on Fridays at 7:15pm for a 7:30pm start.  Everyone is welcome free of charge but a small donation to our funds from non-members would be gratefully accepted.

A varied programme of speakers and slideshows on wildlife subjects is organised, commencing in September running through to April each year, with usually about 10 presentations in total.

L.O.S. Meetings 2016-17 Programme

2nd September 2016
Dennis Atherton
The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail
In this talk I'm going to follow The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, dropping in at all the local hotspots looking for up to thirty species of American Warblers during peak migration on their way North across the Gulf of Mexico back to their breeding grounds in America and Canada. I'm also checking out the stunning coastal shore birds, exotic raptors and then making a trip to the Rio Grande for Mexican species. Everything in Texas is bigger including the amazing variety of Warblers, Texas in April is American bird migration at its very best.

7th October 2016 AGM
Followed By James Bray RSPB
Hope for the Hen Harriers
During this talk James will discuss the history of the Hen Harrier in the English uplands, the threats that this species faces, and the work that the RSPB is doing to protect them.

4th November 2016
Jeff Clarke
Antipodes - At the Edge of the Abyss
New Zealand is the 'Seabird Capital of the World', blessed with many species of Albatross, Petrels and Shearwaters not to mention the Penguins and numerous members of the Cormorant clan.The same seas are also rich in cetaceans, on top of this New Zealand is home to a number of threatened endemic landbirds. This talk illustrates a large proportion of the regions iconic wildlife and explores the threats they face and the conservation efforts required to save them.

25th November 2016
Members and Friends Social Evening at Leigh Rugby Union Football Club
Bruce Kendrick
A Hebridean May
A short talk with photographs about Bruce's recent visit to the Hebridean Islands in Scotland.

9th December 2016
Mark Champion
Conservation for Wildlife in the Borough of Wigan
Lancashire Wildlife Trust's work past and present in the Wigan Borough with reference to the Bittern and Willow Tit.

6th January 2017
K&J Gallimore Memorial Meeting
Pauline and Ian Mellor-Greenhalgh
A Shot at Wildlife Images 2014
This is the fifth in the series of 'A Shot at Wildlife Images' that Pauline and Ian have put together and contains many superb images of birds, flowers, fungi, insects, mammals and some outstanding landscapes. All this and some tales to tell obtaining all these wonderful images.

3rd February 2017
S. Kellington
The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador
We follow in Darwin’s footsteps as we visit the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. The lack of fear of the animals allows really close up photography in their natural surroundings both on land and in water. In Ecuador we visit the Andes and see famous volcanoes, local villages with their markets, historical sites and the Amazon Basin with its prolific Flora and Fauna.

3rd March 2017
S. Culley
My Family and other Animals Birding in Blighty
Bird and wildlife watching around the UK with friends and family in 2015, from Lands End to John O' Groats.

7th April 2017
J. Earnshaw
The Fabulous Falklands - A Photographic Journey of a Lifetime
The Falkland Islands may be one of the remotest archipelagos in the world but they are also amongst the most dramatic when it comes to wildlife photographic opportunities. Home to some of the most engaging and confiding seabirds in the world the elegant King Penguin the acrobatic Gentoo Penguins flying out of the sea on the crest of a wave, the majestic Black Browed Albatross and the striking colours of the Imperial Shag will be among the many highlights of this full on and highly engaging talk.

12th May 2017
J. Almond (Shropshire Birder)
Shropshire’s Magnificent Peregrines
The Peregrine Falcon is surely one of the most charismatic of Birds. A supreme flier and aerial predator. The species is truly a local success story and now well established in good numbers within the county. This talk looks at the habitats chosen by Peregrines (including Shropshire's unique tree nesting pair) and progress through a typical breeding season. It features an insight into the secret life of this magnificent bird with images taken under Schedule 1 license after fledging. An overview of all the other British raptors likely to be seen in the county plus tips on recognition complete the presentation.
Guest Speakers: Should you wish to be invited to give an ornithological presentation to the Society please register your proposals and fees with our Programme Secretary Alan Wilcox by email: