L.O.S. receives WBHN 2012 Award

The Society has been recognised by Wigan Borough Environmental Heritage Network for its contribution to the promotion of the Borough’s local environment and heritage.

The award was received on behalf of the Society by Chairman David Shallcross and Vice Chairman Tony Bishop. The Society is represented at Network meetings by honorary member Dave Wilson, David and Tony. 

At the event David and Tony gave a slide presentation showing how Pennington Country Park was formed by coal mining subsidence, and how it has developed over time to its present status.

David Shallcross

Ornithology and Conservation in the Leigh District 1938-1956

LOS Conservation Officer Roy Rhodes has provided this link to the LeighLife website on which there is information by Tom Edmondson about the history of birding in the Leigh area from his perspective.

On the same website there is also a collection of photos and cuttings about the chequered history of Pennington Flash and the flooding which used to occur and that seems relevant too.  There is also a section on what was then called 'Astley Flash' east of the tip at Astley Green.

I've only scanned it at present, but I think I'll be printing it out as it looks a really interesting read to find out what the birding and habitat was like in the past. Here's the link again to make sure you don't miss it!

Ornithology and Conservation in the Leigh District 1938-1956

Peat Extraction at Chat Moss Refused!

LOS Treasurer Raymond Meredith, who is a volunteer for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, has forwarded this e-mail about the peat extraction at Chat Moss:

Hi Everyone,

Fantastic news! We have just heard, after a very long fight, that the appeal to allow more peat extraction on Chat Moss has been refused! A huge well done to everyone involved in such a long and difficult campaign. Although this is just one site, we have high hopes for this to become a test case for the rest of the country and possibly beyond! 

You can read the news story here:


Lindsey Poole
Marketing and Communications Manager
The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside

This is great news for all who signed the e-petition.