Photo of the Week - Cetti's Warbler at Pennington Flash

Adult Male Cetti's Warbler at Pennington Flash - 11 April 2014  (c) John Tymon
L.O.S. member John Tymon, a well known local birder and photographer, has sent us this very rare photograph of a Cetti's Warbler taken recently in our recording area.  Although these secretive and elusive little brown birds have been well known at the Wigan Flashes for some time, this is the first recorded Cetti’s Warbler ever at Pennington Flash where it has been skulking around singing loudly with it's distinctive song for about six months. You can listen to it's song here: Cetti's Warbler on Xeno Canto.

Almost impossible to see, even when they are singing just a few feet away in a bush, it's an accomplishment to even get a tiny glimpse of this bird nevermind photograph it. Many have tried and failed, but after six months of trying John has finally got the shot everyone wanted to see - naturally he is very pleased with the outcome.

As far as we know, this is the first time this bird has been photographed at Pennington Flash and only the second ever shot of one in Greater Manchester, as it's still a real rarity in this county.  So well done to John and thanks for sharing this excellent photograph with us.

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