Martyn's Live NestCam Video

Snapshot from 15 February 2013
I've currently got a Blue Tit roosting overnight in one of my nestboxes with a video camera.  I'm now streaming the live video on my blog so you can have a look. Click here to go to my blog to see the live video.

The bird comes into roost at dusk between 5pm and 6pm every night and leaves between 6:30am and 7:30am in the morning when it's light.

Not much happens whilst it is roosting, but if you leave the video on screen for a while you will see the occasional flutter and bit of preening.

The video is obviously taken in the dark with an infra-red camera so don't expect any colour or much detail.  It's much better during the daylight hours, but the bird isn't there for long at the moment.  I'm hoping it will eventually find a mate and nest here in the spring.

To watch the video you need to have Java installed and running on your computer.  You may need to update this but it's free and safe to do so.  If any 'pop-up' windows appear you can safely click OK to install or update Java or to 'accept a connection' to my camera.

It would be great to see some feedback in the comments underneath the video on my blog.

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