Mink Recording

Following two appearances today by our Conservation Officer Roy Rhodes on BBC North West Today and BBC North West Tonight, we have received 14 new records of mink in the area, bringing the total to 27 records.

If you missed the video reports on BBC TV, they will appear here in the new few days and if you would like to report a mink sighting please do so here, rather than on our normal contact page.


Anonymous said...

I would be interested to hear what mink control measures you intend putting in place.

I look forward in hearing from you


David Shallcross said...

Mark it will not be up to the Society to put any measures in place as these areas are open to the public and we have no jurisdiction there, also we haven’t the resources to carry out work of this magnitude and sensitivity. If anything is done it will be the Local authority possibly, that controls it. I would think this would begin by carrying out a carefully controlled scheme following the advice of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust. The link below will give you some interesting reading, and possibly allay any fears that these or indeed any other creatures would suffer unduly. We are just trying to bring the fact to the notice of others who are allowed to do this work, before the situation worsens. If measures are put in place and volunteers are required to monitor I.D. rafts then that is something we look at doing.

LeighOS Webmaster said...

The main thing we are trying to do is to get a handle on the number of mink we have in the area to ascertain whether there is a problem or not. We are simply collecting data to that end.

Anonymous said...

Martyn, and if there is as you say a problem ?

Anonymous said...

There is a problem and it will affect some species more than others.
I reported this to certain authorities two years ago, they did not believe me or chose to ignore, and considerable damage has occurred as a result.

GeekTeacher said...

Please see David's comment above for the action L.O.S. will take if there is deemed to be a problem.

Anonymous said...

Yes I saw that, LOS actions could directly lead to the deaths of mink in those areas, this is not acceptable.

Unknown said...

I am sorry that you think the destroying of Mink in our area is not acceptable. The sad truth is that Mink are not indigenous to our country and have no natural predators. In America the wildlife has developed a strategy for hiding eggs and young from the Mink, here our wildlife have no protection at all, and Mink will kill indiscriminately if they are allowed to continue to breed what will happen to British wildlife? And if their isn't enough food for them will they turn their attentions to our gardens and pets? They didn't ask to come here but sadly they are not a welcome addition to our natural wildlife.

Anonymous said...

Joan stop, next you will be telling us that our children are in danger. The data will obviously be provided by self interested fishermen /woman and is therefore flawed from the start.

Anonymous said...

Here are just some of the species that have arrived from other countries.
American mink, Black Rat, Brown Rat, Chinese water deer from China
Coypu from South America (subsequently eradicated) Domestic cat from the Middle East
Edible dormouse from Europe European Rabbit from continental Europe
Grey squirrel from North America, Fallow deer from continental Europe Feral goat
House Mouse, Red-necked wallaby from Australia
Reeves's Muntjac deer from China, Sika deer from Asia,
European pond terrapin and 22 other species of terrapin
there's a lot to do!

Anonymous said...

do you mean a real threat to fishermen/woman !!

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