LOS Pennington Flash Volunteers Second Work Session

Many thanks again to the troops for a successful morning's work at the Bunting Hide in Pennington Flash.

Joan Disley, Catherine Gallimore, Charlie Owen, Dave Wilson, David Shallcross, Graeme Robertson, Alan Prescott, Mike Longden, Shaun Murphy, Graham Blackburn, George Pike, Peter Logan and Jeff Hurst.

In our efforts to conserve the vast amount of bird food that is used each year, we built a willow barrier on the top of the right hand ditch to stop swans coming in - sorry swans, but the food isn't for you as you clear all the tables in a few minutes.

We also completed the wire fence work to stop dogs from entering the feeding station and carried out some freshen up painting of the inside of the hide.

More work is planned later for this hide and the next work day will be announced soon. If you'd like to join the L.O.S. Pennington Flash Volunteer Group, please contact David Shallcross - leighos.chairman@gmail.com

Thank you all.
David Shallcross 


Anonymous said...

Thank you to the organisers & fellow volunteers.
Will see some of you on Sunday I hope, and probably at the next work session.

LeighOS Webmaster said...

Great work guys, sorry I couldn't be there this time. See you at the next one.

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