Surplus Trees Available from the Forestry Commission

The L.O.S. has received this message about some surplus trees which are available from Duncan Macnaughton at the Forestry Commission:
The Forestry Commission nurseries at Delamere grow millions of trees per year and there is always a surplus, especially when some don’t quite make the grade for commercial planting. At the moment these trees are stored in chillers, so they are still OK to plant. However these will be turned off fairly soon, and so these trees are offered to charity/conservation groups before they go to the compost heap. They usually have to be signed for because of this.

Although they could be planted out now (they’ve been ‘checked’ in chillers) if they can be maintained, it might be best to heel them where they can be looked after in until autumn. The holly are as plugs I believe.
I was wondering too about a bank or hedge of holly and rowan at Colliers Wood, Higher Folds where it could benefit birds without detracting from the open views/space some of the locals want. If I cannot find somewhere to heel the trees in here (they don’t actually take up too much space) then a summer planting session might be on the cards!
If L.O.S. members want some of these trees for sites then they should be suitable to heel in. I also suggest that trees are planted quite densely, then thinned out at later dates to allow for loss. Trees come in bags of 50 to 100+ normally.
  • Holly -~2k 
  • Sycamore – 5.4
  • Wild cherry – 3.6
  • Sweet Chestnut – 2.2
  • Beech – 1.8
  • Sessial oak - bits
  • Grand Fir – 1.5K 
  • Rowan – 29.9k
  • Various Sitka
Please contact Duncan by email: if you are interested.

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