Annual Sponsored Bird Race - 15 May 2016

Yesterday four teams competed in the Annual L.O.S. Sponsored Bird Race, which entails the teams spending the day recording species seen in the L.O.S. Recording Area. The team with the most species seen on the day takes home the winner's trophy.

Yellow Wagtail (c) Alan Wilcox
The four teams taking part were The Duck and Drakes, Eddie's Eagles, The Little Bustards and The Feather Brains. It's a fun day generally with lots of laughs and we finish up in the pub in the evening to get together for a drink and a meal and to present the silverware and share our tales of the day. 

Lesser Redpoll (c) Alan Wilcox
The final scores for the day were:
  • The Duck and Drakes  - 79 species
  • Eddie's Eagles  - 73 species
  • The Little Bustards - 62 species
  • The Feather Brains - 60 species
Total Species Count for the Day was 84

Sponsored Bird Race 2016 Winners - The Duck and Drakes
Pictured are the winning team The Duck and Drakes receiving the cup, and the runners up Eddie's Eagles receiving the shield with a few images of some birds encountered during the day. 

Sponsored Bird Race 2016 Runners Up - Angela Pike from Eddie's Eagles
Finally a big thanks to all who took part and for any sponsorship monies raised by the team members which will go towards the Society's funds.
Report and photos by
Alan Wilcox

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David Shallcross said...

Cheers Alan for your report on the SBW and these great photos

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