L.O.S. Members and Friends Evening - Friday 20th November

last shout for this folks need to know by saturday

Our annual Members and Friends Evening will be held at Leigh Rugby Union Club, Hand Lane, Pennington in Leigh. The proceedings will start at 7-30pm, so please arrive well before to get settled and buy a raffle ticket.

Food will be served around 8:30pm and will be traditional 'Pie un Peas' - a vegetarian option is available but must be pre-ordered by letting Tony Bishop know at the email address below.

A quiz will be active throughout the evening and marked near the end and there will be a 20 minute slide show of a recent visit to the Costa Blanca with a short interval of piano-accordion music and songs by Alan Prescott.
All this for a fiver ... yes just £5 !!!

Please let Tony know you are coming as we need to order the food.


LeighOS Webmaster said...

I'm flamin-going!

GeekTeacher said...

I believe the beer is great.

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