'A Shot at Wildlife Images 2012' by Pauline and Ian Greenhalgh

Our Derby Room meeting last night attracted 60 people, the visiting speakers Pauline and Ian Greenhalgh gave their account of the year 2012 as seen through the eye and lens of photographers. Having seen their work on other occasions we had high expectations of the event, and indeed it proved to be a real treat.

Photography and presentation of this high standard are a gift to only a few, Pauline and Ian's knowledge of wildlife is second to none. I have been privileged to be out in the field with them and see what time and effort is put into obtaining the images - it is truly amazing.

Something that impressed me from day one is that they always put the subjects welfare first before taking those images. Thank you to P & I for a superb evening's entertainment and shared knowledge and thanks also to the members and friends who gave their support.


Anonymous said...

I have seen many of P&I's photos over the years but nothing compares with seeing them on a big screen you get the full effect and view of any subject on their show, the birds, flowers, insects and scenery are second to none, a superb show that I could have sat through again. Joan

LeighOS Webmaster said...

I was really miffed to have missed this presentation due to another commitment - I know how good they both are.

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