Bird Walk on the Salford Mosses - Saturday 1 February

There will be a guided bird walk on the Salford Mosses with Dave Steel this Saturday, 1 February 2014 from 9.00 am. You can find out where the birds live, the different species and the fascinating history of the Moss on Barton and Chat. We will visit the old Peat Extraction site and the Lancashire Wildlife Trust reserve and the walk will last approximately 3 hours.

Park and meet in the layby next to the entrance to Barton Moss Road and wear sturdy boots and waterproof clothing.

James Walsh (reprinted from Manchester Birding Forum)

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LeighOS Webmaster said...

Great morning out with Dave Steel, the man who created the field numbers on the map of the mosses. Dave is very knowledgable about the mosses, which he knows like the back of is hand. I'm trying to get him to do another guided walk in the spring, perhaps over to Little Woolden Moss.

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