L.O.S. in the Park

Four members of the L.O.S. and the Young Birder's Club team were in Lilford Park in Leigh yesterday for a family fun day involving the Friends of Lilford Park (FOLP) action group and a fun fair.

The FOLP were asking members of the public to sign a petition which is lobbying for the park toilets to be refurbished, as well as many other improvements.

These are an essential public facility needed for this superb community resource, especially on days like these.  Lilford Park has some of the oldest woodland in the area and it's a fabulous place to visit to get outdoors and see nature.

Click here for more fun day photos.

Dave Wilson, Tony Bishop, Martyn Jones and L.O.S. chairman David Shallcross had a stall with materials publicising the L.O.S. and Young Birders' Club in the hope of attracting new members of all ages. We took a lot of signatures from interested families to add to our  email mailing list for future events.

As well as this we took several youngsters and their parents on short guided bird watching walks along the new path at the edge of the woods.  There wasn't too much about to see, but Dave Wilson is an expert on bird song and calls and so 12 bird species were identified in the area.

It was really nice to see a good turnout from some very keen pupils from St. Thomas' C.E. Primary School which we visited for the second time last Wednesday (report to follow) - Hi to Amie and older sister Lauren, Darren and brother Ethan, William and not forgetting AJ and his friend.

We made lots of new friends and contacts and have even arranged to do a presentation at 1st Astley Cubs next Thursday evening.  We also hope to be doing another guided walk around Pennington Flash in the near future so keeping reading the website for details and have a look at our new LOSYBC calendar here.

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