Photo of the Week - Whiffling Geese

Whiffling Canada Geese at Moore Nature Reserve in Warrington
I'd never heard of the behaviour called 'whiffling' before I took this photograph. Apparently some birds, particularly geese, fly upside down to slow down and lose height just before landing, and this is known as 'whiffling'. These were lucky shots as I didn't realise at what I'd got until I looked at them on the computer back at home.

Whiffling Canada Geese - (c) Martyn Jones


Anonymous said...

All Geese do this,pink feet in particular it helps a quick decent,good shot but its not unusual to see at Martin Mere when the pink feet drop in,its an unusual picture though well done ,waders and gulls will do the same to stop uplift if they want to land quickly and not overshoot-John Tymon

LeighOS Webmaster said...

Thanks for you comment John, I guess I'd never really looked properly before.

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