A comment on my recent post.
ThomasMike Norris David, The Flash is multi-user facility. Your comment about Water-based activities just assumes that it should only be for wildlife. The survey itself takes no account of any use other than bird watching
  • David Shallcross Mike, it's not about birdwatching, that term assumes an inclusive and selfish pursuit. The Society (LOS) has worked long and hard to secure this place for nature from the early seventies to the present day, whilst I don't want to stop people enjoying what is now a major attraction in the NW I'm still firmly protective of nature, that's what the founders of LOS set out to do all those years ago and but for them the Flash would have continued to be filled in and who knows what it would have become, certainly not as you say "a multi-user facility" the survey is to determine the disturbance to wildlife in certain areas and to tailor the envisaged future of the country park. The size of the nature reserve has greatly diminished over the years with humans pushing out wildlife, with their own agendas and no thought about anything but themselves certainly not wild creatures, so please please please don't let's have any more. Don't slag me off for being a concerned and passionate wildlife do-gooder, do some research or better still have input into the survey I have spent the last 48 years as an ambassador for nature conservation throughout the North West region, so when I say something it's not without thought and research it's for the love of wildlife and nature, animals, insects, plant life the whole biodiversity of our world. Love and peace to all. regards Shallcross

Recording at Pennington

The following link is for submitting records to assist with a disturbance survey.
It's your chance to make sure the flash is protected from more water-based activities.

Thanks for your support: David Shallcross Chairman